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Thursday, March 30


-The scanning of my brother's pictures for graduation is going much quicker. Came to find out I had like 10 versions of Internet Explorer running on the computer which was causing the slowdown. I am halfway done with the pile!
-called MAJOR home-improvement-store again. Talked to the manager. He said all I need to do is call Extended Protection Plan department and request a service call. When they show up I am supposed to just show them the credit card bill "proving" I purchased the EPP - simple right? WRONG!! I call up EPP, explain what I was told by the manager and they inform me that he is wrong. They tell me to then CALL BACK THE STORE. I tell them," NO, I'm sick of getting the run around by your company, how about you call the store and explain to them what needs to be done. I'm not going to do it. You can either help me or I want to talk to your manager." Miraculously she puts me on hold and when she comes back on the phone she tells me she has "Cindy" on the line to further assist me. "Cindy" then asks me the date of purchase, amount of purchase, and the store it was purchased at. I give her the info. and she then informs me someone will be calling me from the head office WITHIN 24 HOURS. I got a call back from them about 5 hours later telling me my request has been received at the head office but because they were already closed I should be hearing back from them by FRIDAY. We'll see where this goes from here. Sierra I'll email you if I need your expertise!!
* * * Update on Lowe's * * *
We got a call this morning at around 8:30 saying they had the receipt. It is being mailed to us. Isn't it amazing how fast that took compared to the 40 days they had originally told us. I guess every once in a while it pays to be a bitch.
-I got my hai rcut yesterday and I love it so far. I got about 3" lopped off. The last time I got it cut was before Logan was born. I'm going to try not to keep it in a ponytail all of the time like I have been.
-Tried the Melatonin the other night - didn't really notice a difference but then again I took it RIGHT before I went to bed. I'm trying it again tonight since it's now 12:15 AM and I'm wide awake.


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