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Monday, March 27

Our First Day to the Park

Today Mike stayed home to spend the day with me & Logan. I love these days because:
1. I get to spend time with my favorite guys
2. I have someone here to help with Logan
3. I can actually get housework done!!
We just happened to luck out today also because it was GORGEOUS out!! It was above 60 out so instead of staying inside we went out and enjoyed the day. We went for a nice, long walk this afternoon and then we went to the park. This was the first time Logan has been to the park so it was an experience for all of us. Since this is our first child we had to find a park that had baby swings (the kind he can't tumble out of) - it wasn't that easy. I think we drove by 2 parks before finding one that had them. There were quite a few little kids running around but none as young as Logan. We decided to first try out one of the little slides - he wanted NOTHING to do with that. As soon as we sat him down the lip came out and he started to whine. Ok, so we picked him up and took him over to the baby swing. Mike sat him in that and gave him a little push. Well the little guy rocked back in the swing and then was whipped forward, needless to say he hated it. He did one of those giant intakes of air and had this look on his face that said, "Why are you torturing me???" Strike two against Mike & I. After that little experience we went over to the bigger swings and Mike sat on it with Logan on his lap. At first he didn't seem to enjoy it but once we realized it was probably because the sun was RIGHT-IN-HIS-EYES and the wind was RIGHT-IN-HIS-FACE (remember, we're beginner's at this parenting thing) we turned him around and then things got better. I then took my turn to swing with him. I could hear him giggling and Mike said he had a big grin on his face. I think he liked the swing but there was one other bonus with the sun being behind us............our shadows.
For about the last two weeks Logan has noticed his shadow. He will watch it when we're on our walks, walking to the store, pretty much anytime we're outside. At first we didn't know what he was giggling about - but then we noticed he was just staring at the shadows. Everytime he does it it just reminds me of Peter Pan when he cuts his shadow off of his feet.
OK, back to the park. Once we were done swinging we walked over to the pond to see the ducks swimming around. Logan wasn't too thrilled with them, he was more intrigued watching the kids running around. By that time it was getting pretty windy so we decided to come back home. It was a really nice time and they have a nice walking path around the pond. Maybe Logan & I will go back soon to take a walk and try the swing out again.


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