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Wednesday, March 8

Out with the old - In with the new

The carpet layers have arrived & left- I'm so happy!! The new carpet looks great, but then again anything would have looked better than what we had. I can't believe how nice and cushy it is - it no longer hurts to sit on the floor. We are now in the process of moving everything back to it's spot and going through all of our crap. Hopefully we'll be taking a truckload to Goodwill. I've already gone through my books and found about 25 to get rid of.
I'm so glad this is over with - the guys didn't show up until around 3:30 yesterday and left a little after 10. The salesman had told us it would only take 3-4 hours for it all to be completed - wow was he wrong!! Poor Pooh Bear had to stay outside that whole time! But it's done & over with and now we have our nice, new carpet.


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