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Monday, February 27

Quick Updates

Just some follow-ups I wanted to make sure and post from past blogs.
Mike did really well on one of his finals. He got a 97% on his Java one - he has yet to hear what he got on the English one. I'm sure he did well on that one too!
Logan & I went grocery shopping and I took the advice that some of you posted and used the baby carrier for him. He loved it! We usually use the Baby Bjorn at the mall, but had never thought to try it at the grocery store. I plan on just keeping it in the vehicle from now on so we'll always have it with.
I'm not quite sure what is going on with Kanoodle. I am still receiving a lot of clicks but not a lot of impressions (the ones I get paid for) - I would be interested to hear from other's who have sponsored links on their site to see if they are making more than me. I'm just not sure if people are just clicking on them to open them or if Kanoodle is not honoring all of them. Not sure if you noticed but I'm going to try to update how much I've made from it. It's located right above the sponsored links on the right hand side of my site.
Mike finished the other bathroom yesterday - it turned out wonderfully! I love the new look of our bathrooms! Thanks Mike for doing it - I love you!! Attached are pictures of the before and after (notice the nice chip in the sink).
One last thing - Logan has moved up to a bigger carseat. My baby is growing up!! He seems to like the new one, he's able to sit up more.


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