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Saturday, February 18

Carseat + Baby = Callous

I have a callous the size of a dime on the inside part of my right hand. I have had this lovely rock hard patch of skin for over a month now. Some days it is more prominent than others. I tend to pick at this beautiful callous too. I can only attribute my new skin abnormality to one thing....................Budha Baby!! After over 6 months of lugging around a baby inside a carseat I guess it will have this sort of affect on one's hand. We even made a point to buy one of the lightest carseats out there - it only weighs 11 pounds but that is before baby is place inside. It wasn't that bad when said baby only weighed 10 pounds, hell it wasn't even that bad when said baby weighed 15 pounds - but now that said baby is 20 pounds?? Damn, that is a lot to lug around!! Last night we met Mike and some of his co-workers at one of the best Chinese restaurants that we know of. This restaurant is located in downtown Issaquah which means hardly any parking available especially on a Friday night. I had to park quite a distance from the restaurant and decided that there was no way I was carrying baby and carseat all that distance. I took Logan out of the carseat and it felt as though I was only carrying.............a 20 pound baby. I think I will start doing this whenever I go to the store now. Logan's old enough to sit up in a shopping cart isn't he??


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