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Thursday, February 16

Blogging Boredom

Today will be a pretty boring blog cuz I'm being lazy. It seems as though we've just been running constantly today yet I feel like nothing got accomplished. So I'm just going to let you all know about my progress with Kanoodle and my sponsored links since I said I would keep everyone posted.
I'm finally starting to get some revenue!! I'm very excited about this. To date I've made $3.73 - nothing spectacular but hey it's something. I've had a lot of "impressions" (when you click on the link), but not a lot of "clicks" (these are the ones that make the money, you need to click within the web page that loads). I've found out that it doesn't matter what you click on within the web page that loads - you can even click on the "privacy policy statement". I guess the sponsors are just happy that people are visiting their sites and looking around a bit. I'm hoping you guys will keep clicking the sponsored links I need to get some money together so I can fly back for my brother's graduation (how's that for a sob story).

** I have a new photo album up - these are pics. taken with my new camera. Check them out!!


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