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Tuesday, February 7

Small World

I'm happy to report that Logan & are feeling much better today. Thank you for all of your well wishes!! Logan only got up twice last night and slept until almost 11 today. His nose isn't running at all and I'm just feeling a little congested. Ok now onto my story:

It's so great finding someone who knows where you come from. What I mean is since I have started blogging I've met so many interesting people, but who knew the world was so small. One of my fellow bloggers, lottiemae used to live in ND. No - we didn't know each other (which is contrary to popular belief - just because ND is small does not mean we know everyone there), but she's been to the area that I grew up in. She said she has been to Hannover which is a town just 6 miles away from the one that I grew up in! How weird is that?
Here's another story to prove my point. This happened about 3 years ago. It was a Saturday afternoon and Mike & I were outside doing some yard work. It was getting close to lunch time so we figured we would run into town to get something to eat. We decided to go to Petosa's. We ordered our meals and were visiting to pass the time. Right next to us were three older women. They were talking and reminiscing - we couldn't help but overhear them. Our food arrived and while we were eating I heard one of the women mention "going back to Noonan every July". I looked at Mike and said "Do you think they are talking about Noonan, ND?"
Mike: "Have you ever heard of another Noonan?"
Me: "No"
Mike: "You should go and ask them"
Me: "I don't want to interrupt them and if it's not Noonan, ND they'll look at me like I'm crazy"
Mike: "Just do it"
Me: "Not right now"
So we preceeded to finish our meal. As we were getting up to leave I thought "what the hell", what can it hurt? I might as well ask them. So I walked over to their table and this is the conversation:
Me: "Excuse me, were you talking about Noonan, ND earlier"
Lady: "Yes, why?"
Me: "My Dad actually grew up in that town"
Lady: "Oh really, what is his name?"
Me: "Jim B."
Lady: puzzled look
Me: "Maybe you know my Grandpa - Dale B?"
Lady: "You're kidding!! I was in the same class as him & Dean (my Grandpa's twin brother). What a bunch of troublemakers!! Your Grandma was Alice M?"
Me: "Yes! She was!!"
Lady: "We were best friends! She was the Martha Stewart of our day. We always went to the bowling alley together that they ran. I was so sorry to hear she passed away. I have some pictures of her that I had always thought the family should have but I wasn't sure if Dale was still in Center."
Me: "He is now in Michigan with his girlfriend"
Lady: "Oh, I see. Well if you want why don't you give me your address and I'll mail you the pictures of your Grandma."
Me: "That would be great!!"
So I gave her my address and get this - about one week later a letter arrived and inside was a picture of my Grandma. I could not believe it!! And the really weird thing is - none of the ladies that were eating lunch at Petosa's lived in our town. They were just out shopping and decided to stop in our town. As soon as we left the restaurant I called my Dad. I told him the story and asked him if he knew them. He didn't - so I called my Grandpa.
Me: "Hi Grandpa - I have a message for you"
G: "Oh, what's that?"
Me: "I'm supposed to tell you the Rud girls from Noonan say hello"
G: silence
Me: "Are you still there"G: "I can't believe it - I haven't thought of them in years!"
I told my Grandpa of what happened and he just kept saying "I can't believe it!!" I think that truely was one of the strangest days of my life!!


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