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Wednesday, February 1

Cleaning For the Big Day!

After reading Honor's blog today I felt I could totally relate to her having a bad day because of guests coming over. We too, are having a Super Bowl party. I have slowly started getting the house ready for it. Yesterday I cleaned 2 of our bathrooms from top to bottom. I also vaccuumed most of the house except the high traffic areas (I'll wait until Sunday morning to do those). The kitchen and dining room are almost ready. I have my menu ready to go and the grocery shopping is almost done. All in all I would say I've got a good start. Unfortunately, I think I take after my Mom when it comes to getting ready for parties. What I mean is by Saturday night and Sunday morning I'll be yelling at Mike for no reason. Even though he'll be helping me out - he won't be doing things correctly.
I have to admit, my Mom has gotten better about this over the years (although she could spiral backwards - my brother graduates this May). I want to apologize ahead of time: Mike, I'm sorry for all the bad things I will say to you this weekend. Just know, I love you and I'm sorry..............but dammit - take the garbage out, change Logan, let Pooh Bear out, and move the couch!!!


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