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Wednesday, February 8

I Finally Got A Media Player

As I'm sure you noticed I have a media player on my site. The media player itself was very easy to import but getting the video up there was another thing. That part took me well over an hour. I think I worked on it the whole time the Grammy's were on. I put a lot of footage up there - but I think I'll probably shorten it down. I'm interested to know which parts everyone likes best. Oh, and the bathtub one - that's the stupid seat that I smartly returned!
Ok, onto another subject: Do all babies have these weird little quirks? Here is Logan's list:
He has a favorite commercial - the Qwest telephone one. There's something about the music that just captivates him. No matter what he's doing once that comes on he stops and just stares at the TV.
He 's balloons - today we were at Albertson's and they had a ton of Valentine's Day balloons, well he was just fascinated with them. I picked one out for him and the whole time we were at the store he was yanking on the string and giggling. Needless to say, all the old ladies shopping just loved him. They all stopped and had to tell him how cute he was. Of course he could care less since he had the balloon.
He adores Pooh Bear - anytime Pooh Bear walks by him Logan stops what he's playing with and just watches him. If I'm holding him and Pooh Bear walks up to us Logan gets the biggest grin on his face!
He is SO bi-polar - one minute he's happy, next one he's screaming - FOR NO REASON!! When does this part end? According to Amber, it's still going on with Haddie.


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