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Wednesday, February 15

The Day After

* *Update at Bottom* *

Well, one more of Logan's first holidays is over. We had a great day. Mike was able to get home a little early so that was nice - I was able to make us a nice meal without having to watch & entertain Logan. Mike got me a dozen beautiful roses - they are all different colors. I got a chenille pair of socks from my Mom & Dad. Logan got me a nice card and a giant balloon. Somehow though I think the balloon was more for him than me. It's a huge heart that says "Me & You" on it and guess what else? It plays a song and OMG it's so loud!! It entertained Logan throughout dinner though so I think he made a good purchase.
Logan got some nice things for Valentine's Day too - I got him this soft squishy heart that says "Be Mine". He also got a box of stuff from my Mom & Dad. He got 2 new pairs of PJ's, and a soft red lion from them. He really liked the lion - he grabbed it and started kissing it as soon as I gave it to him.
This morning we ran to Target to buy some formula and check out the Valentine's Day stuff. I found a couple of towels, washcloth, chenille socks, and boxers for Mike that were all on clearance. They only had one aisle with all the V-Day stuff in it and there were a ton of people in there trying to pick through things so I didn't look too long in there. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday!
* * I almost forgot to let you know what we got Mike! Logan got him a cute little card and some candy. I got him a card and a strawberry blonde - you can pick one of them up here.* *


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