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Tuesday, February 14

I Love Me Some Curling

I don't know what it is about curling but I love it so! I never really understood the whole game until the other night, I decided to go up to MSNBC to find out the rules of it. It's quite a simple game but there is alot of strategy involved in it.
I love ALL aspects of the Olympics - my hubby on the other hand does not. The other night he made this comment "I wish the Olympics were on every 4 years with the winter & summer ones on in the same year like they used to be", I asked him why and he said, "because then I would only have to endure this every 4 years". He's been a good husband though and has let me watch the Olympics every night. Sunday night we even laid in bed and watched curling. For some reason it's only on in the afternoon or after midnight. I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics as much as I am!


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