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Sunday, February 12

He Rolled Over

Today was quite the busy day for us. Logan slept through the night last night and got up at around 8:30 this morning. It was so nice to get to sleep in!! Mike got up and fed him while I showered. We decided to run over to Lynnwood to get some shopping done. We stopped and had lunch at Qdoba first - Logan sat in a high-chair at a restaurant for the first time. Hey, it's the little things!! We then went to the mall where I was able to find myself a couple pairs of jeans. From there we went to Best Buy - Mike bought me my birthday present (about a month late). I got a new little digital camera - I can't wait to play around with it! After Best Buy we ran to Babies R' Us (good thing they don't have a credit card for that store ) - we bought Logan a new carseat (one he'll be able to use until he no longer needs one), a pack n' play, and some cereal. And then what we hoped was our last stop we went to Lowe's. The Lowe's in Lynnwood didn't have one of the sinks we had wanted so we ended up driving down to Bellevue. We bought some new sinks for both of the upstairs bathrooms. We also bought some new faucets for both of them. It seems that every stop we made we spent close to $300 - it's amazing how fast things add up! I'll get some pics. of them once we get them both installed (hopefully by next weekend).
We didn't get home today until around 4:30 - poor Logan. He did really well the whole time we were out though - he only fussed while at Lowe's and who can blame him for that? No nap and you'd be crabby too! When we got home Mike was playing with him on the floor and Logan was just giggling so I decided to record it for awhile. I stopped recording and what do you think Logan did? He rolled from his back to his tummy! He's been able to roll from tummy to back since he was 2 1/2 weeks old but never the other way. Of course I didn't get it on film. Luckily though we tried it again and he did it again - while I was recording!! We were so happy! Logan timed it perfectly too because both Mike & I were here when he did it. I have changed the video on here to show that.


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