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Sunday, February 19

No Project Is Ever Quick

So as I had reported last week we went to Lowe's and bought new sinks and faucets for 2 of our 3 bathrooms. From talking with the guy in the plumbing department it would be a "simple project", just pop out the sink and put the new one in. Same with the faucet. What a bunch of freakin' liars!! Thank God I have a hubby who likes to learn how to do knew things! Mike didn't start on the project until about 2 this afternoon, it's now after 9 tonight and he's still up working on it. The project got to be a bit more complicated than originally thought. After taking out the old sink he realized that the new sink was not as big as the old one. So the hole cut for the old one would not work for the new sink. That left us with two choices: take back the sink and get another one or get a new countertop. Mike decided to go and buy a new countertop since we loved the sink that we had picked out. I thought a new countertop was going to cost a couple hundred dollars but it was only $50!! So he bought one for Logan's bathroom and one for ours. Can't beat that! And to top it off I think it looks wonderful.
I think we will be waiting until next weekend to do our bathroom.


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