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Tuesday, February 21

Logan's First Playdate

This morning Logan & I drove over to Duvall to visit Leah & Samantha. I used to work at Michael's with Leah about 5 years ago. Samantha is her 3 1/2 year old daughter. We had such a good time! Logan & Samantha played so well together - she shared all of her toys with him. And when I say all I mean ALL! She surrounded him with toys, it was so cute. It was like there's Logan and his mound of fluff!
When we arrived at their door Samantha greeted us by saying "I'll entertain your baby" - how cute is that? Logan was also fascinated with Samantha's feet. I'm sure he was thinking "They're like mine but just a little bigger and they move around. They move around ALOT! She can jump, run, and twirl with them. That is so COOL!! I played 2 games of Candyland with Samantha. I haven't played Candyland in years - and guess what??? I won one of the games! We stayed for about 2 hours and we look forward to doing it again


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