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Saturday, February 25

I've Been Tagged!

Austin tagged me so here are my 5 crazy things. Sorry they're so boring.

5 Crazy Things About Me:
1. I have to be covered up when I sleep. Even if it's really hot at night I still need to have some sort of covers on me - especially on my feet.
2. No part of my body can hang off the bed when I sleep - I'm scared something will grab it!
3. I'm terrified of the dark - I blame this on two of my uncle's, even though my Mom says they didn't scare me in the dark. (They totally DID)!!
4. I can watch the same episodes of reality shows over & over again. Yes, I'm a reality junky.
5. I am obsessed with pulling strings on my clothes. I have wrecked shirts, pants, socks, you name it from pulling the strings on them.

Well, I guess they're not really crazy but it's all I could think of.

Fellow bloggers I'm taggin to do this:
Mike - I'm sure he won't do it but hey, it's worth a try!!


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