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Friday, February 24

Recipe Change

Since I love trying new recipes and sharing them with people when they turn out I think I'm going to try to post Recipes of the Week. This will allow me to post a multitude of recipes instead of having a huge stockpile and then only posting one. It's been very difficult to wait until Monday to post another recipe but this week I'm going to. Starting on Monday though I'm going to post several - hopefully throughout the week. I think I'll try this for a couple of weeks and see how the response is. I'm going to keep them all on the same blog though so it won't show up as a new blog entry. Which means you'll have to check on the recipe link every once in awhile to see if it's been updated. I might try to put a note in my entries if I have updated it or maybe just put a little note at the top of the list that says when it was last updated. Like I said, I'm not quite sure - we'll see how it goes.
Sorry this post is SOOOOO boring but I'm still watching the Olypics so give me a break! Hahaha


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