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Sunday, February 26

My Ode to the Olympics

Stupid remarks made by sports commentators during the 2006 Olympics (in no particular order):
- While watching Bobsledding one of the commentators apparently thought the TV watching audience did not know that the best time would win. Here is the pointer he gave us "If you see the time in green with a minus sign that means they're in the lead". Really??? Cuz I always thought you wanted to have your number in red with a plus sign.
- During Women's figure skating short program one commentator commented on the Italian skating "She can fly really welll". Moments later while watching the same skater another commentator remarked "Wow, she can't fly at all". Way to make your co-commentator look like a complete idiot Dick.
- During Women's figure skating a commentator said, "She achieved 3rd Place at the World Championships last year and she's been working ever since to grow into that spot". So basically what you're saying is she was "lucky" to get the medal but didn't deserve it?
- And OMG - could the media try to fuel the fire between Chad Hendrick and Shauni Davis any more??
- Oh, and did you catch the interview of Shaun White aka "Flying Tomato" by Bob Costas? They could not stop talking about how that medal was going to help Shaun "get lucky". He was hoping it would be with Sasha Cohen.
- And FYI commentators, we don't have THAT SHORT of an attention span. No matter what event you're watching they have to mention the SAME thing about the SAME person like 5 times during their event. For instance - we heard you the first time when you mentioned Jennifer Rodriguez's mom was battling cancer for the second time! (For those of you who don't know Rodriguez is a speedskater which means her race only lasts about a minute so to mention that fact 5 times is completely ridiculous?!?)
- Women's Slalom "She's in that hurry up and wait position." What? WHAT?!? Someone please tell me what that means - no really, I want to know.
- And is it just me or is Dick Button a complete pervert? (He's one of the commentators for ice skating/dancing) He's always making comments like "She has such a straight line" or "That's not a very attractive position" or "That doesn't look nice. Oh, now that, that looks nice".
- Speaking of Dick Button he' also one of the rudest commentators. He's constantly pointing out every bad thing the skaters are doing. Just now he commented that the current skater "has no fire, there's just no spark". You won medals in 1948 & 1952- SHUT UP!!!!
- Ok and at one point they were bitching because one of the women ice skater's laces were hanging out and not tucked in and that it was very unattractive and she wasn't selling the whole package. Give me a break.
- During Women's figure skating this was said, "She doesn't have a lot of speed coming out of these jumps but she has lovely knee action" - what does that mean? Again, please tell me what that means.

This list only begins to show the dumb comments spoken during some of the events. Needless to say the ice skating commentators are the worst. Especially Dick Button.


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