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Tuesday, March 7

He Hit Me!

I'm happy to report that last night Logan only woke up once. Still no new teeth though. Why is it though that Logan decides to sleep through the night when Mike doesn't have to get up to go to work? I just know tonight Logan will be getting up 3 times again - because I will be the one getting up ALL 3 times!!
Ok now onto the title of this blog. Last night Logan woke up at around 1:30 - I went in fed him and put him back to bed. I was sleeping so nice & soundly and in the middle of some really messed up dreams, anyway I went to roll over and Mike HIT ME IN THE FACE!! He woke up and said he thought Logan was in the bed with us and was falling. WHAT?!? Logan hasn't slept in the bed with us since he was 2 weeks old! Thank goodness I was still half asleep since it didn't hurt and I have no bruising to report. Mike feels terrible for doing this and I hope this makes him feel worse - maybe I'll get something out of it. Oh wait, I alread am - the carpet layers are coming today!!


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