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Tuesday, March 21

Busy, Busy, Busy

Tomorrow is Mike's birthday. He's going to be 28 - what an OLD MAN! Today Logan & I went and bought some gifts for him. We're going to go down to his job tomorrow for lunch. Then tomorrow night I'm planning on making him lasagna for dinner - hopefully it doesn't spill over like the meatloaf did!
I've been busy scanning in pictures tonight. My brother graduates in May so I'm scanning in pictures to make a CD to play at his party. This is going to be a long process. My Mom will be mailing out all of her pictures that she has of him (over 16 years worth NOT on digital). Each picture is taking about 2 minutes to scan in, accept, and save on the computer. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this process quicker? We're planning on putting it into a Powerpoint presentation and then setting it to music. It should turn out pretty neat. It's been fun going through all the pictures that I've taken of him. There are some pictures where Logan looks a lot like him. I'll try and get some of those posted up here.


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