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Wednesday, March 8

Spring Is In the Air

Well now that the new carpet is in the house it is starting to feel like spring around here. I went out in the yard and saw all the new flowers starting to peek through the mulch. The hostas are starting to get new growth, the roses are getting new leaves, and the tulips are starting to peek through the ground. I had a successful trip to Molbak's the other day. I bought some outdoor and a couple new indoor plants. I finally got everything planted today. Hopefully everything will survive through the summer. The saleslady that helped me assured me that some of the plants I purchased will survive for years outside and should turn into some nice evergreens. I hate this stage of planting though - nothing is "filled in". Now it's a waiting game to get things to bloom and start spreading out.
I bought a Hibiscus for the first time. One of my aunt's has one and it's enormous - the flowers are so pretty when it's in bloom. I also purchased a fern today. It's a Dallas fern - I'm sure my Mom is laughing right now because I've always told her that I would NEVER buy a fern. They are growing everywhere out here in the Pacific NW and I didn't want one in my house. I don't know what to say, I'm weak. I walked into Fred Meyer today and looked at the plants and saw a really pretty fern - so I bought it. I also got some new hanging baskets, my old ones would drip if I overwatered (which I tend to do). These have a reservoir in the bottom and you are supposed to put the water in there. We'll see if it actually works.
I also got some rugs while I was at Freddie's today. I bought four all together. Two sage colored ones and two marroon ones. I think they look nice and they add a bit of color. As you can probably tell from the pictures our family room has a very rustic feel and all the color down there is neutral. The carpet that we got is a Friezes and the color is called Stonebridge. We were originally going to go with a Berber but because it is looped we were scared Pooh Bear would catch his nails on it and unravel it. The stuff is slowly getting put away and the goodwill pile is growing!


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