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Monday, March 20

What A Nice Day

Today it was absolutely gorgeous out!! Once again it was over 60 degrees out - that makes it two days in a row. Better write that down in the books, it doesn't happen too often in the Seattle area! Logan & I were able to get out for TWO walks today. He is starting to love going out in the stroller and now when we go out into the garage and he sees it, he starts to giggle and get all sorts of excited. Now if only Pooh Bear would behave we could take him with us on the walks.
Tonight we met Mike for dinner at Claim Jumper (I know I know, I said I would never go there again after the birthday incident but this was a different location - and we were going there with some of Mike's customers). We got there at around 5:30 and thankfully the wait was only about 5 minutes. Our waiter was GREAT! Logan was also GREAT - he sat in the high-chair for pretty much the whole time. He ate some crackers and had some of my mashed potatoes and Mike's mashed potatoe-cakes. The night went very smoothly but I do have one question for all of my blogging friends. Do all babies go through a shy stage? And how long does this last? Let me explain a little more:
Tonight when we got to the restaurant Logan was fine as long as Mike or I was holding him. When we got to the table though and Mike went to put him in the high-chair Logan began trying to crawl up Mike's arm. He calmed down after 5 minutes or so. He was then happy until Stephanie (one of Mike's customers) showed up. She started talking to him and telling him how cute he was, apparently though, he didn't like all of the attention. He again started reaching for Mike. He calmed down pretty quickly and was happy as long as noone other than Mike or I were paying attention to him. He does this all the time when we are visiting with friends - once they start paying attention to him he FREAKS OUT. Please tell me how long this might last!! I'm starting to worry because we will be going back to ND for about a month and if he acts like this the whole time I'M GOING TO FREAK OUT!! Not to mention the fact that my Mom & Dad will be completely heart-broken if he's like this towards them.


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