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Tuesday, March 14

Burn Down the House

So yesterday afternoon I had the best of intentions. I found a great new recipe to try. I took out some ground turkey and got it all mixed up before hand so that when Mike called to say he was on his way home I could pop it in the oven and it would almost be done by the time he got here. (That's what was supposed to happen)
I popped it in the oven when he called and everything was going fine. And then I heard a sizzling noise - no biggie I figured some of the juice was spilling. Then I heard it again, and again, and AGAIN. I figured I should probably go and take a look. I opened up the oven and a puff of smoke escaped. I closed the door, found a cookie sheet, and put it in the oven to catch the drippings. Well the stuff that was dripping was cheese and as soon as it hit the cookie sheet it instantly began to cook some more. I checked it again after about 5 minutes and this time when I opened the oven door I thought my contacts were going to permanently be burned onto my corneas. I grabbed the meatloaf and set it on the counter. I then opened the door back up and smoke billowed out - a blue haze encompassed the entire downstairs of our house. At that point I decided to put Logan up in his crib (I mean this is considered second-hand smoke too, right?) I opened up the front door, patio door, turned on the ceiling fan and turned on the fan above the stove. And then, of course, the smoke alarm started going off. This was not going well. I took the cookie sheet out of the oven (with lovely burnt black blobs of cheese) and ended up having to take some of the meatloaf out of the pan so that it would no longer overflow. Thank goodness dinner ended up turning out in the end. I made stuffing, corn and crescent rolls to go along with the meatloaf. The recipe is really tasty, but I would recomment putting it into two loaf pans.


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