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Thursday, March 16

It's A Mean, Mean World!

Today Logan & I ran over to Everett. I had wanted to try to find Mike some birthday gifts (his b-day is on the 22nd), needed to return a swimsuit to Old Navy, and wanted to go to the mall. Best Buy didn't have what I wanted to get him, I found some stuff to buy at Old Navy (fournd some jeans there for only 10 bucks!!), and I found a new swimsuit. As we were strolling through the mall I decided to go into Borders and of course I found some books to buy for Logan (I love their bargain tables). I got into line behind three other women. A couple moments after I got in line a man also got into line. But instead of getting in line behind me, he stood in line beside me. I glanced over at him and he just kept staring ahead. It felt like he was trying to cut in line. The cashier finished ringing up the first customer, so the second one went up to the register. At that moment the lady in front of me got out of line so I was the next one who would be helped. The cashier finished with her customer and the man proceeded to walk up to the register!
I said, "I'm sorry, but I was next"
Him: "No, you were still shopping when I got in line"
Me: "No, I was in line behind a lady and she left the line. That's when you walked up. But I was already in line."
Me: "Fine. Whatever. Go ahead. I'm not going to argue with you about something so stupid."
Him: still screaming "GOOD, BECAUSE I WAS HERE FIRST!!"
At that point the poor cashier rung him up (he yelled at her when she asked if he wanted to sign up for a FREE membership card). Once she was done helping him she helped me. She apologized to me and said she wished she had seen that I was in line first because she would have told him to wait. But I'm glad she hadn't because who know what he would have done. And of course I had to get one last comment in as he was walking to the door. I said, "It's not your fault some customers are so extrememly rude." He then turned around and tried to stare me down. For those of you that know me, it does not work! You do not want to get on my bad side. So I looked at him and smiled then proceeded to have small talk with the cashier. He stood at the door for about another 30 seconds and then finally left.
I cannot get over how rude some people are!! If I were the one who accidentally cut into line and someone pointed it out to me I would apologize and let them go ahead. I would not make so much of a scene that another cashier would have to come up to try to calm him down and make sure that he left the store.
Well, that was my day in a nutshell - how was yours?


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