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Wednesday, March 29

Another First and He LOVED It!!

Tonight Logan got to experience another first.............the hot tub. It was a pretty decent day out - around 50 degrees. We had gone for a walk and Logan had laid down for a short nap. When he got up we decided today was the perfect day for him to try the hot tub. Mike was home so we figured why not? We changed Logan into his "Little Swimmer Diaper" and his swim trunks. Do you know how cute baby swim trunks are?? They are adorable!! We both got into our swim suits and headed outside. Mike got in first and I handed Logan to him. We had the jets turned on and Logan instantly began splashing around. He loved it! He just kept splashing, splashing, and splashing. As you can see in all the pics. he's not looking at the camera, he couldn't sit still that long. There were so many new things for him to check out.
After a couple of minutes Mike put him in the blow-up crab we bought him. It has little leg holes in it so that there is no way he can fall out of it. It also has a little reservoir area in the front so water can be in there. He didn't seem to enjoy it that much though - I think because he wasn't able to splash around like he could if one of us were holding him. Once we took him back out of it he just continued to splash again. Next time we go out there we'll take the video camera and hopefully capture some cute moments to put up here.


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