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Tuesday, March 28

Does this make sense?

In December 2004 we bought a new washer, dryer, and stove from a MAJOR home-improvement-store. We decided to buy the Extended Protection Plan in case something went wrong with our new appliances. Well last November the stove was not heating up correctly. It was taking forever to cook things. So I called MAJOR home-improvement-store to have someone came out. They sent a guy out who replaced the heating element and said that was the problem. Well, it didn't fix it. I have been putting off calling MAJOR home-improvement-store to get the item fixed. Yesterday I decided to make some cookies. The recipe said to preheat oven to 350 degrees. The oven beeped to let me know that it was ready, I went to put the cookies in and the oven was up to 425!! (I had bought an oven thermometer) So I decided I had had enough so I called the Extended Protection Plan phone number of MAJOR home-improvement-store and told them I needed someone to come out to fix the damn thing again. They asked if I had the receipt from the purchase. I told them no. They then asked for my phone number - it didn't pull up any info. I then gave them both of our cell phone numbers - neither of those worked. The guy then proceeds to tell me that since I don't have a receipt and the phone numbers aren't working that they can't pull up the protection plan. So they have no proof that we bought one. I told him I had the credit card statement from them showing we purchased the plan. He said that's not enough. So I asked him what the hell I'm supposed to do. He told me I'll have to GO TO THE STORE where we bought the appliances, speak to the manager on duty, and have them research it. WHAT???? So I asked him, "why can't you pull it up on your computer system?" He said they just can't. I asked how long this will take (I would like the oven working properly by Easter since family will be coming) he said they will have to research it and pull up the receipt records and since it's been over a year it will take AT LEAST 40 DAYS!!!! OMG - I could just scream. In this day & age how can that possibly take that long?? Isn't everything put into their computer system?? I used to work at a bank and we would have customers come in who would need copies of bank statements from like 5 years ago and that would take a week AT THE MOST!!! So tomorrow I have to call the store where we purchased the appliances to see what kind of run-a-round they give me. Wish me luck!!


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