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Thursday, May 18

Why I Hate Airport Security

OK - here it is, my rant on airport security. Logan & I arrived at the security check-points and I began to put all of our stuff on the x-ray machine belt. So just picture this: Mom with child and hauling along a diaper bag, a duffel bag containing a laptop computer, and a stroller. So I begin by putting the bags up on the belt and begin to get the laptop out of the duffel bag. Meanwhile a security guy on the other side of the metal detector begins saying something to me and I can't hear him. He says something again and I still can't hear him. I ask him a third time and he says, "You're going to need to remove those Nikes". I tell him I will as soon as I get a chance since I'm still getting other stuff unloaded. He just gives me a look like I'm taking too long. So I finally get all the stuff on the belt and begin to walk through the metal detector. The guy stops me because I was pushing the stroller through the metal detector. He tells me I'll need to collapse the stroller and put it up on the belt. So I collapse the stroller and realize there is no way I can lift the stroller onto the belt by myself since I'm holding Logan. So I ask another security person to help me. She says she can't reach over the belt. I look around and there is noone behind me to help. So I stand there and wait. All of the security people are staring at me. Finally a gentleman comes up behind me and I ask him if he can lift the stroller onto the belt. He generously does. I go through security and the lady who couldn't help me before is unloading and opening the stroller for me and has put the laptop in my bag. After thinking about it I can see why she couldn't reach over to grab the stroller but there was no reason for the other one to remind me I need to remove my shoes. I mean I wasn't even close to going through the metal detector when he felt the need to let me know that. And it's not the first time I went through security in Seattle.
Every single time I/we go through security there there is something that is either done wrong or they are just plain rude. We went through security at LaGuardia Airport less than a year after 9/11 and their security was fast and efficient and they were nice!! In New York City! But yet in Seattle, which is known as such a friendly big city, the security is some of the worst that I have ever seen.
You would think with all the people that go through security at the airport they would have a special line for people who need help.


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