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Monday, May 8

Even When They're Cranky - They Still Do The Cutest Things

By Sunday night Mike & I were close to meeting our breaking point. Nothing we did calmed Logan down for very long. We tried feeding him, changing him, playing with him, taking him in the hot tub, and giving him a bath. He did enjoy the hot tub and the bath but that was about it. While making dinner I figured Logan would be ready to eat so I made him some of his favorite rice. He always gobbles it up - but tonight he decided not to. He pretty much refused to eat anything that Mike or I offered him. He would take an occasional drink out of his sippy cup but that was about it. Logan began getting louder and louder while we were trying to finish up as fast as we could. On TV one of Logan's favorite commercial's came on. It was the Welch's grape juice commercial with the little girl in pigtail's. Logan loves that commercial so much. Once he realized the commercial was on he stopped crying and sat mesmorized by her voice. Just as she was about to stop talking Logan looks at the TV and says "Yes" but it sounded like yyyyyessssss. And he had a little Elvis smile going on at the same time. It was as though he was saying "How you doin'?" in his best Joey Tribbiani impersonation. Mike & I had to stop what we were doing because we were laughing so hard. I had tears running down my face. We needed that laugh so much at that moment, it was great.


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