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Thursday, April 20

What Logan's Been Up To

Logan is starting to get around. It's so funny watching him because he doesn't know how to crawl yet. Here is my best description of Logan's mobility: He sits on the floor and picks out the object he wants to get to. First he will lunge at it, if he still can't reach it he then sits himself back up and skooches on his butt. Once he's satisfied that he's close enough he will lunge again. He repeats this process until he reaches the object. Once arriving at the object he realizes he didn't want THAT one, he wants the other toy back by where he started. This process can repeat for quite a while. It's pretty funny to watch it. If I'm on the floor with him he will also climb on me - I can't believe how strong he is getting.
Logan is also able to now pull himself into a standing position. He'll skooch himself over to his LeapFrog and then pull himself up so he can play with it. He'll occasionally fall on his butt but he just pulls himself back up again. He's also decided to try to pull himself up while we are on a walk. I do not like this! He'll be sitting in his stroller and then decide to lean over the edge - I don't have a problem with this, it's the next step. After he's decided that he is bored watching the road he decides to then lift his butt in the air so that he is on his feet. Once this step happens I pick him up, plop him back down in the stroller, and strap him in. He hates it when this happens because then he can't move around as much as he wants to. I'm sure you're thinking "why don't you just strap him in right away?". Well - because he doesn't like it and will fuss the ENTIRE walk and that is not fun for either of us.
Well I think that is all for the updates. Oh, wait - one more thing: Logan had his first taste of Taco Bell today. I ordered a soft shell taco for him and he ate all of it except the lettuce. I'm sure I'll get a nice surprise in the diaper tomorrow morning!


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