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Sunday, April 9

Weekend Wrap-Up

Even though it was rainy & cold out we still managed to have a nice weekend.
- Mike had the usual morning of school and I was able to sleep in for the first time since Monday. It felt SO nice! In the afternoon I attended a baby shower for one of my friends. She's due in June and they decided not to find out what they are having. Do you know how hard it is to buy for a baby when you don't know if it's a boy or girl?? I bought her some bath stuff, baby toys, and neutral colored onesies. It was so nice to see everyone, although they were disappointed that I didn't bring Logan with.
- We didn't really do much. Logan took his first shower. Of course he loved it! The whole time we were in there he just wanted to hold his hands under the water.
Sunday afternoon Mike decided that he was in the mood for Chicago Style Pizza and since we live in the Seattle area this was no easy task. There is a place in North Bend that serves Chicago Style but we wanted to find a new one. We started out looking online and only found one. It was located in Seattle at University Village. We decided we would go there for lunch/dinner so that Logan didn't get too cranky while we were there and to avoid the dinner rush. It was at a place called Delfino's and it was delicious! It was just like the pizza we would order when we lived in Chicago. I think that is the one thing I miss about Chicago. Well that and Kosta's (a Greek restaurant). After we were done eating we walked around the outdoor mall for awhile - but didn't find anything we weren't able to live without. Which was probably a good thing.
We also managed to get a little bit of cleaning done. We've got family coming to town for Easter so I wanted to get a start on the cleaning.

Hope you all had a great weekend!! I'll see you tomorrow, we're off to the hot tub!


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