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Thursday, April 13

The Company Will Be Here Soon

I'm getting so excited.............and so nervous! My family is coming for Easter. My Aunt Gail, Uncle Jim, and cousin Dakota (age 4) from Canada and my Uncle Dean, Aunt Cris, and cousins Joel and Janel from Salem, OR will be arriving soon. Gail will be here this evening and Dean will be arriving on Friday. None of them have been to our house before and I'm looking very forward to the visit. This will also be the first time they will meet Logan. I'm hoping that this visit will help with Logan's seperation anxiety and prepare him for when we go back to ND in May. Since we live so far away from most of our families we don't get to spend many holidays with them. Usually if we're lucky we get to see some for the major ones - usually Christmas and the 4th of July.
I've got most of the groceries purchased - Gail & I will do the rest of the shopping on Friday. I bought some gorgeous Easter Lillies today I hope they decide to bloom by Sunday. I've also got all of the Easter goodies ready to go. We'll be having an egg hunt and hiding the Easter baskets for everyone. It's supposed to rain on Sunday so this will most likely take place inside the house which is kind of a bummer. And of course dying Easter eggs. I bought 3 different types of dying kits so it should be fun. I'm sure we'll get lots of card playing in and tons of visiting in. I probably won't be blogging too much during this time though I do have some drafts ready to go so I'll probably be putting those up.
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Don't eat too much chocolate!!


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