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Wednesday, April 12

It's About Time!

Kansas House passes immigration bill
TOPEKA — The House approved a bill 125-0 today that would require courts to report illegal immigrants convicted of driving under the influence or domestic battery to immigration officials.
The proposal came from Rep. Becky Hutchins, a Holton Republican who has tried to pass other measures to reduce illegal immigration.
The move comes in response to the death of Jodie Hatzenbihler, a nurse who was struck and killed by an intoxicated illegal immigrant as she crossed a street in Lawrence last year. The driver had been convicted of DUI before but had not been deported.
Hutchins said she’s not sure if the driver’s illegal status was reported after his first offense or if such reporting is mandated by federal laws.
The proposal came as an amendment to a bill that makes it illegal to traffic counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs that foreign companies sometimes produce in violation of other companies’ patents.

I guess at least something good came out of this horrible tragedy that was bestowed upon our family. Now if only ALL the other states decide to do this!!


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