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Monday, April 10

A Day of Remembering

Yesterday marked a sad day of remembering for our family. It marked the one year "anniversary" of Jodie's death. Jodie was hit & killed by a drunk driver on April 9th, 2005. You can read more about it here if you would like. Jodie grew up in Salem, OR - she was 2 years younger than me. Jodie & I always got along really well and I have some great memories of when they would come back for vacation. We always hung out together while they were back. Jodie was a great athlete and such a wonderful person - I wish we would have stayed in contact more.
I've been hearing about the new legislation for the illegal immigrants that are in our country. I think it's safe to say that my whole family has a strong opinion on this. You see if they would deport the illegal aliens as soon as they found out my cousin would STILL BE ALIVE!! The asshole who killed her was an illegal immigrant and did not speak a word of English. After he hit her he had no idea what he had done and went home to SLEEP! When they went to his home to question him they found that he had previously been arrested on a drunk driving charge. Even though they found out that he was an illegal alien over a year before this tragedy they DID NOT deport him! Can you believe this?? And we are now housing him in our prison system instead of sending him back to Mexico. As soon as he's done serving his sentence he will be going back to Mexico. Why don't they send him back now - look at all the tax dollars that are being wasted on this scum! For this reason and this reason alone can't people see why we should pass this law? I understand they came here for a better life but if they break the law and are caught why don't we deal with them at that time instead of waiting for something worse to happen? Jodie had a wonderful life ahead of her and he ruined it and made this hurt in all of my family that will NEVER go away!
I have no problem if someone has come into the USA by the proper means - almost all of my friends are from another country. I just think if you want to live in another country you should follow their rules and not try to sneak in.
This is just my opinion - you can disagree if you want but I don't think I will ever change my mind when it comes to illigal aliens staying in our country.


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