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Wednesday, April 19

I've Found a New Favorite

In a couple of my blog entries I've talked about Molbak's nursery. Well I'm sorry to say that Molbak's has now been replaced by a new favorite: Flower World. This place is HUGE!! It has over 15 acres of retail area. I had seen the signs when we would go over to Maltby or Lynnwood but I was never able to convince Mike to go there. Today I wanted to get out of the house so I decided to check the place out. I packed Logan into the car and headed over there. When we turned into the parking lot it was like the Heavens started singing. It was so big and flowers were everywhere. I think that is what my Heaven would be like. I'm so glad I had the Baby Bjorn in the truck - there is no way I could have walked as much as I did if I had to carry Logan in my arms. I restrained myself while there too - I only bought 4 little plants. As you can see in the picture below I planted my last planter in the front of our house. I bought some marigolds to put in there. There are a couple reasons I think I will be visiting Flower World again: It is closer to our home than Molbak's (about 10 minutes) and it is cheaper! While I was there I wanted to look for some shrubs - I found some I really liked and at Flower World they were $5.99 each, the same ones were $12.99 at Molbak's!! That is a huge difference - especially if we plant them out by the retaining wall (we'll need about 5-6 plants). I can't wait to go back there, maybe I'll be able to convince Mike to join me.


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