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Sunday, May 7

Weekend Wrap-Up

Once again I'm sorry to report that nothing exciting has happened here.
I finally finished the picture slide show for Taylor (my bro's) graduation. I hope everyone likes how it turned out. I put all the pictures into a powerpoint presentation so that we'll be able to have it playing on the TV during his graduation party. I have it broken up into 5 different sections: baby Taylor, grade school, Tanya & Taylor, the plays (all of his acting), and high school. I decided not to set it to any music since we wouldn't have the volume on anyway. Now that I've done this for Taylor I think I might do this with some of Logan's pictures - it would be a great video scrapbook and since all the pics. of him are digital anyway I wouldn't have the hassle of scanning any in.
Mike had school ALL day - he didn't get home until 5:30. I hate it when his professors feel the need to lecture all day just for the sake of lecturing. I'm so happy that in February he'll be done for good! Mike has begun teaching Logan how to blow kisses. Below are pictures from the first lesson. Logan just giggled when Mike would do it. As you can see Pooh Bear got a little jealous.
Sunday was a rough day all around. Logan woke up at 1 am and then again at 8. When I went in to get him I notice that he had gotten sick in his bed. Who knows when it happened. And he's got the worst diaper-rash that I have ever seen. It is flaming red and there a couple of spots where his skin is torn. Everytime we change his diaper he just screams - poor little guy. He seemed to be the most content while in the tub so he took like a 45 mintue bath tonight. When we got him out of the tub we decided to hang out in his room for awhile with him - and Logan was naked. We hope that this will help with the diaper-rash. And to top it all off he's still teething and this morning woke up with a fever. We've been giving him Motrin and it seems to help. I really hope he feels better tomorrow since Mike won't be here to give me a break.

On a non-weekend note I have begun going to the library again. I haven't done this since before Logan was born. I used to check out cookbooks from there all the time. It was a great & cheap way to find new recipes. So far I have 3 books checked out and another 4 on order. I have also ordered the complete first season of the Gilmore Girls - it should be available for pick-up either Monday or Tuesday. I love the fact that libraries are now online and I can search for books & movies from the convenience of my home and then pick them up when they are ready. Gotta love technology!


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