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Sunday, April 23

Weekend Wrap-Up

Mike took the day off from work to goof around with us. Logan got up at 7:30 Friday morning, downed a bottle, and went back to bed until almost 11!! We all had a lazy morning - I don't think Mike & I got up until 10:30. It was so nice. When we finally decided to start our day we went to Woodinville. Molbak's had emailed me a 30% off coupon and I couldn't pass that up! We ate some lunch at Qdoba and then headed over to Molbak's. We ended up buying some climbing rose bushes. We are planning to plant them by the retaining wall so they can climb up it. Hopefully they will fill out in the next couple of years. After Molbak's we went to the Everett Home & Garden Show. It wasn't quite what we expected - there was a lot more "home" than "garden". We were hoping to get some ideas of what would look good planted by the retaining wall but they only had one landscaping area. I bought a couple of wooden trellises to help support the roses.
Friday night after dinner we decided to go in the hot tub (sorry, can't help but rub it in sometimes) and of course Logan had a blast. He has now discovered the waterfall in it. Mike turned it up all the way and Logan would put his hand in it and get all of us wet. He learned pretty fast though to keep his mouth shut. He also liked the back massage he would get when we laid him on his back and let the water from the waterfall hit it. He just laughed and smiled. After Logan went to sleep I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and used up most of the chocolate from Easter.
**BTW - Mike got to change the messy diaper Friday morning so I didn't have to deal with the Taco Bell so HA!! So no nice surprise for me but Mike sure did get one.
There were tons of garage sales going on around town so Logan & I got up and dressed and headed out to find some good deals. We went to about 5 of them and found something at each one! I found another planter for out front, some plants, and found some toys, books, and clothes for Logan. I think we spent under $15 for all of it. I didn't find any books for myself though which would have been nice. Maybe next weekend I'll find some.
Once Mike got home from school we got some yard work done. It was such a beautiful day out there was no way I was going to waste it inside. After that we went over to Heidi & Jerome's for dinner. Heidi made homemade pizza which was very yummy! Logan was good the whole time we were there - he even ate some pizza.
It was a nice & lazy day. The weather was perfect (about 72 degrees out). We ran over to Everett to buy some shorts for me & Mike - I got two pairs and a shirt and Mike got three. We also bought Logan some shoes. They are so cute! We got him a pair of tennis shoes with little baseballs on them and then a pair of sandals. Sunday night while in the tub Logan crawled!! Lately he's been getting stronger and stronger and able to stay on his hands & knees for more than a couple seconds. The other day he took like two little crawls (is that what you call it??), but tonight he crawled the entire length of the tub. It was so cute seeing his little butt sway back and forth!! I'm sure he will be crawling around the house in no time.


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