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Monday, April 24

Why we are one step closer to being rednecks

Over the weekend we made a significant purchase. I decided to leave it out of my weekend wrap-up because I felt it was too important to include with "insignificant" purchases and whole days devoted to being lazy. Let me give you some background on our significant purchase. Our house is at the end of a dead end street. We have no neighbors behind us or to the west of us. The neighbors that are on the east are divided by a large row of trees and blackberry bushes. Our house is situated on a hill so the neighbors across the street do not have a good view of the west half of our property. This is to our advantage for when we decided to make the significant purchase. On the west side of our property there are more blackberry bushes and a lot of brush that has accumulated over the last year. We decided that in order to get rid of it without having to make about 10 trips to the dump we should burn it. We didn't want to burn it in the open though because we wanted to be responsible and hey your not very responsible if you start a forest fire or burn your house down, ya know?? So being the responsible people we are we did the smartest thing: we bought a burn barrel. Oh yeah, we are officially on our way to being rednecks!! So Sunday night we spent part of the evening burning branches in our burn barrel. It actually worked really well and we've made quite a dent in our brush pile. And did I mention we only paid $8 for it?? Oh yeah we are thrifty rednecks. A side note: Logan is SOO much like his father - he loves fire. Now I understand most kids might be kind of fascinated by fire but do they clench their fists, smile uncontrollably, start giggling & grunting when they see the fire?? For like 10 minutes straight?? Yeah, I didn't think so. For our next significant purchase I'm looking for a truck with no wheels, maybe propped on some cinder blocks. Anyone know where to get one??

*Some of you have asked where you buy such a significant purchase - here's where we got ours. Sometimes depending on traffic and flooding in our area Mike will find alternate routes home. On one of these particular routes is a house that has alot of these barrels propped by a fence with a sign that says "Barrels - $8.00". So on Sunday we stopped there and bought ourselves a burn barrel.

Below are pics of the burn barrel and the brush pile that needs to go. See why we needed to make such a significant purchase now??


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