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Sunday, April 30

Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday started out as a typical day. Logan and I went garage saleing to see what we could find. This week was very disappointing - there was nothing good found at the sales. So we decided to drive over to Marysville to hit the outlet mall. This trip was much more successful (for Logan, not me ). I was able to find him some new pairs of PJ's since he's beginning to outgrow most of his (I even found a pair for under $2!!). I also found him some nice polo onesies, some pants, and a pair of shorts. I think he's all set for summer now - I can't wait for him to wear all his cute little outfits! On our way home Mike called to let us know he was done taking his finals so we decided to meet him in town for lunch. Once we got home we had an appointment with a window company to come out and test our windows. Wow, do the windows we have suck!! They found a lot of air leaks in them and because we live in the Pacific NW they found some mold that was getting in because of the moisture that is out here year-round. In the next 2 months or so we will be getting some new windows. We aren't replacing the sliding patio door, the windows on either side of it, and the garden window. All others will be replaced though. I felt horrible because I had thought the black stuff on the perimeter on some of the windows was dirt but here it was mold! And as I'm sure you know mold is not good. Especially to breathe in, ESPECIALLY for Logan to breathe in!! So to help control the mold until we get the new windows I will need to spray them with a water/bleach solution about every two weeks. Fun, Fun, Fun!!
I LOVE SUNDAYS!! Mike is so sweet because even though it's his only real day off he still lets me sleep in. I think Logan woke up at around 7:30 but I got to sleep in until about 9:30. I think Mike does that for himself too since it's the only time that he really gets to be alone with Logan. When I came downstairs they were both on the floor playing. I love just sitting on the couch and watching them. Every once in awhile Logan would look over at me and give me a smile. Such a perfect morning! It was so nice out on Sunday. We spent a lot of time outside getting some yard work done. Even Logan played outside. We put the pack n' play in the yard and he happily played in there for about 30 minutes. I was able to get alot of weeding, trimming, and hedging done. And it actually looks like progress is happening in the flower beds! Mike also worked on the brush pile and about half of the pile is now gone.

Hope you all had a great weekend - I'm so sad it went by so fast!!


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