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Thursday, April 27

Let the Baby-Proofing Begin

It's official.............Logan is on the move!! For the past couple of days Mike & I have been "helping" Logan learn to crawl. By helping I mean: put all toys and ourselves out of reach and make him work his way towards us and the toys. Hey, we may be mean but it worked! He's only been trying to get mobile for the past week and last night he accomplished it. It was so cute!! The video up on the site shows it.
He does it so clumsily (is that a word??) - he's like a giant traipsing through the living room. Every time his hand came down it was with so much force. BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! Then every once in awhile his legs would forget to move along with the rest of his body so he would sprawl out on the floor. But he would just get back up on his knees though and keep going. Did I mention how cute it was?? IT WAS DAMN CUTE!!
So now that he is completely mobile Logan & I made a trip to Babies 'R Us to buy the baby-proofing items - only I didn't know where to start. So all I bought were the outlet plug covers. We already have the drawer locks but I'm not sure what else to buy. I know we need a baby gate (or two). Any tips & hints would be greatly appreciated!


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