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Friday, April 28

First Tantrum

So now that Logan is on the move he's obviously getting into more stuff and exploring new terriory AND unfortunately testing the boundaries. Case in point: After getting up from his nap we came downstairs and I put Logan on the floor to play. He started out in the middle of the room and within a couple of minutes he was over by the stairs. I have a box over there that has his outgrown clothes in that I've been going through (deciding which ones to keep for the next one and which items to sell/give away). Well on top of the box was my purse. Logan decided it was time to play with Mommy's purse. I then decided to play mean Mommy and took the purse away. In retaliation Logan screamed for about 5 minutes standing beside the box because I took the purse away. I think though after he realized it wasn't coming back he promptly found his keys on the floor and started playing with them like nothing had happened.


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