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Monday, May 15

We're Almost Ready to Leave

The last loads of laundry are in. Logan's suitcase is completely packed and all of my clothes are covering my bed, ready to go in the suitcase. My lists are almost completely checked off and I've got all my last minute errands done. Logan & I are ready to leave!
I checked in for the flight tomorrow and so far it looks as though neither flight is completely full. I hope it stays that way. I was able to reserve seats on both flights which was nice since the seat next to me is empty. Like I said I hope it stays that way so that Logan will have a little bit of extra room to move about.
The weather is supposed to be nice so hopefully the flights will be on time. I've usually had good luck with United so I hope it continues.
I'm not sure how often I will update - I'll try to get around to see everyone as often as I can.


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