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Wednesday, May 10

Thank God Mike Was Home This Time!!

The butt has exploded again but first let me tell you something that isn't disgusting.

Logan had his 9 month check-up today and it went very well. Logan now weighs 22 lbs. 6 oz. (85%), 28" tall (50%) and his head is 18 1/4" (75%). The doctor said he is very healthy and everything looks to be right on track. He wrote me a prescription for his diaper rash so that if it hasn't cleared up in the next couple of days I can get it filled and hopefully it will be healed before we leave next Tuesday. I also asked him about what kind of medicine I could give him while on the plane and he said Benedryl would be the best since it would help make him drowsy. He suggested that I use it if he's fussy but I think Logan might be getting a little dose before the flight no matter what. Better safe than sorry right? I had hoped Logan wouldn't be getting any shots this time but he had to get a Hep-B shot. Poor little guy was not happy. We got him calmed down and he was starting to smile and babble when the doctor told us they needed to draw some blood to check his iron level. He said they only had to prick the finger so it shouldn't be too bad. Well, the nurse came back in and she had the needle that is attached to the big vile. Mike mentioned to her that the doctor said it would only be a finger prick but she said the nurse who is really good at that had left for the day and she was more comfortable getting blood this way. So we had to lay Logan down on the exam table with me holding his legs down, Mike holding one arm and his chest, another nurse holding his one arm out, and the other nurse trying to draw the blood. Unfortunately it looks like Logan has been blessed with my rolling veins so they were not able to get the blood and there was no way we were going to let them try again. Logan was SCREAMING, his poor little face was beat red and he was just looking at us like we were the worst parents ever! Thankfully we were able to calm him down pretty easily.
On our way home I needed to stop by the library (Season One/Gilmore Girls was in) and Mike had to try to find a movie at the video store that he needed to watch for class tomorrow. We stopped at Blockbuster but they didn't have it so we went to the other video store in town. While Mike was in the store Logan, um, let one rip. I looked back at him and his face was completely red. Mike came out and we left for home. I knew Logan had messed his pants I just didn't realize how bad. Mike got him out of his carseat and took him upstairs. I was down in the kitchen when all of a sudden I hear Mike yell for me to get upstairs! I go up into Logan's room and this is what I see: Logan is laying on his changing table and Mike is standing shock. He turns towards me and he has poop ALL over his shirt!! I walk over to Logan and it is leaking out the front of his diaper. Mike gets his shirt off and comes back in to help me get Logan naked so that we can throw him in the bath. We get his shirt off, take him to the bathroom, and get his diaper off. I look down at my shirt and guess what's on it? Oh, yeah, Poop!! So I run and take my shirt off.
Can I just say it's one thing to clean poop up from your child and their crib but an entirely different thing when it gets on you!! Now that this has happened two days in a row can it please stop??? BTW - Logan woke up 3 times last night and each time he had a messy diaper. What is going on??


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