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Thursday, May 11

No Longer an Explosion - More of a Mild Firecracker

Last night and today was much better. Logan woke up at 11 pm - had a bottle and slept until 7:30 this morning. I think he's finishing up with the teething and the fever. We only had one little "accident" tonight and it was minor compared to the past couple of days. Thank you all for the advice and sympathy. I hope this never happens again!
Today I was finally able to get back outside into the flower beds. It's amazing how many things begin blooming within a week. All of the shrubs were taller, the roses all have buds on, and the fuschia's are at least 2" taller. I gave them all a nice meal of fertizler, water, and sprinkled some more slug & snail bait around those to prone to those nasty little creatures. I just hope everything is still alive when I get back home in June.
Only 5 more days and Logan & I will be boarding a plane for North Dakota. I'm so excited to see everyone!


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