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Sunday, May 14

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday was a horrible day! I could not sleep on Thursday night, I tossed & turned until around 3:30 when I finally decided to get out of bed. I came downstairs to lay on the couch. I ended up getting sick at about 4:30 and then slept like a baby until around 6:30. I went upstairs and got back into bed. Mike woke me up at around 7:30 to tell me he was leaving for work. The second I opened my eyes I started to feel dizzy and my whole body ached. I asked him if he could please stay home and he did. Thank goodness he was here because there was no way I could have watched Logan. I got dizzy everytime I stood up and I wasn't able to keep anything down until around 9:30 Friday night. I finally started feeling better then. I spent all day watching the Gilmore Girls Season One. I woke up Saturday morning feeling just fine.
Friday morning we also got a call from our vet saying that the lump on Pooh Bear that they had taken a sample from turns out to be a tumor. He will have to get it removed and they'll be sending it to Everett to have tests run to see if there could be more or if it is cancerous. They told us to begin giving him Benadryl 3 times a day to help with the swelling of the tumor. I'm in shock right now from it but I'm sure the surgery will go fine. Pooh Bear hasn't been acting strange or anything so it doesn't seem to be affecting him.
Like I said, I felt much better Saturday morning. We didn't do anything today - Mike had class like usual and Logan & I just hung out at the house. I've begun making my lists for the trip so that I won't forget anything and yes Mom I know I can buy (or you can buy) whatever I don't remember but I really don't want to have to buy yet another tube of diaper cream, ya know?
Mike & I continued watching the Gilmore Girls - I love that show!! Oh, and it's now 1 o'clock in the morning and do you think I'm even close to being tired?? Nope, I'm not!
Happy Mother's Day to all my Mom readers! I hope you all got a wonderful day of sleeping in, a nice brunch, and a thoughtful gift. I on the other hand had a baby who did not want to sleep. Logan woke up at 2:30 am, up until 3:30 am, slept until around 4:30, and I'm not quite sure what time he went back to bed (Mike was up with him the last time).
We had a nice & relaxing day around here. We went out to a very good restaurant - Shanghai Garden in Issaquah. It is THE best place around here to get Chinese food.
I have started to pack. I almost have all of Logan's things packed up and tomorrow will be doing the last of the laundry and then begin packing my clothes. We will be flying out around 2 pm (PST) and arriving in Bismarck around 9 pm (CST), so we'll be in the air and in the airports for about 5 hours. I have packed Logan's little "drug" bag and packed up a little of every snack he has ever eaten. Pray that we have a safe flight and that Mommy doesn't pull all of her hair out.


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