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Thursday, May 18

When Will He Adjust?

No, I'm not talking about sleeping. I'm talking about warming up to the family and stop hanging on me. I know we've only been in ND for 2 days now but I'm not the most patient person. And I'm getting very tired of Logan screaming the SECOND I leave the room. Tonight he was a little bit better. As long as he couldn't see or hear me he was fine. I hope it gets better very soon since this weekend we'll be traveling to eastern ND for my cousin's graduation.
OK onto better things. Logan has really enjoyed getting to see everyone again - as long as they keep their distance. Tonight he even used my Dad as a climbing gym. It was so funny because every once in awhile he would get stuck while trying to climb over his legs.
He's also crawling alot faster now too. The first day we were here his poor little knees were so red. By the end of the night he wouldn't crawl on his knees - he would only move around on his hands and feet. He looked like a little monkey. I guess it was because he was wearing shorts and had been crawling on the carpet and hardwood floors. My Mom saw his knees and remembered that when Taylor (my one & only sibling) was starting to crawl he had little kneepads that he would wear. She went down to the basement and not a minute later came upstairs with those kneepads! She's kept them for 18 years and I'm so happy she did. Thursday morning I put them on him and he again began crawling on his knees.
He's already gotten to see alot of people that he probably doesn't remember from Christmas. On Wednesday my Aunt Shelia came over, then Mike's Mom stopped by, followed by my Grandpa and his girlfriend Jean. Then on Thursday my other Grandpa & Grandma came by and then that afternoon we went and visited Mike's Mom again.
There is a new photo album up that has some pictures from our trip so far.


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