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Monday, May 29

What A Great Time!

The party was an absolute success! We had such a great time. I think there were close to 150 people who stopped by to congratulate Taylor - it's amazing how many people he knows. All of the food turned out great and everyone ate way too much.
We served fried chicken, BBQ meatballs, potato salad, Italian pasta salad, ranch pasta salad, a vegetable tray, watermelon, cantalouple, honeydew, and cookie salad. Then for dessert we had some assorted bars, brownies, and truffles, my chocolate chip caramel bars, a cream cheese chocolate chip ball with graham cracker sticks, and of course cake.
I got to visit with a lot of family on Saturday which was so nice. Logan & Erin even hung out together for awhile. They were so cute together. Kacey brought some toys for Erin to play with but as soon as Erin had her hands on them Logan would snatch them away. I guess he doesn't have that sharing thing down yet. It's amazing how close in size they are, although Erin is a little taller and Logan a little heavier. I think they had a fun time hanging out and we'll get to see them again next weekend at Kacey's shower.
Last night was Taylor's graduation. He graduated with 414 other students. The graduation ceremony was really nice. Taylor surprised some of our family too when he was one of 6 speakers during the ceremony. AND he was featured in the Bismarck Tribune this morning!! You can read the article here.


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