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Monday, May 22

Logan's New Thing

For the past couple of days Logan has been acting like a total goof ball! Last night while I was giving him a bath he started laughing out of the blue. He was standing at the side of the tub and started walking (while holding onto the side) to the back of the tub where it slopes a little bit. He got to the back and tried to take a step onto the sloped part and slipped. He slid down into the water on his back. Usually when this happens he will cry or panic and try to get up as fast as possible. Not last night though. He laid there and giggled. Then when I pulled him back up he instantly stood up by the side of the tub and repeated it. Other times he would be sitting in the tub and just flop back into the water. I have no idea what go into him. I was laughing so hard at him. At one point Taylor came in because it sounded like he had fallen out of the tub - it was so loud!
Then today while we were at the house Logan began crawling over me and if I would go to touch him he would fall onto his butt and crawl away. I began "chasing" him around the living room and he loved it. He would crawl away and then sit up to see where I was. If I was crawling towards him he would giggle and then lunge forward. He was trying to crawl so fast sometimes that most of the time he was not going anywhere. One time I grabbed his foot and he screamed and then began laughing again. It was so cute! Another couple of times I would say "Logan" in a deep voice and he got the biggest kick out of it. He would just sit and laugh - to the point where his shoulders were moving up and down because his whole body was shaking. This is by far one of those great moments of being a parent. And it has almost completely made up for the van ride from hell!


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