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Friday, May 19

Road Trip

Tomorrow morning Taylor has a saxophone recital and after that we'll be heading to Hillsboro for my cousin Shane's high school graduation. Hopefully the road trip will go well since this will be the first one with Logan since Christmas. There will be six of us total in the car including Logan. We're riding down with my Grandparents but Taylor is staying here. He does alot better in the car now but it is going to be about a 2 1/2 hour drive.
Tonight all of my Grandparents came over for some games of cards. We played "golf" and I ended up winning $5!! I guess Logan was my lucky charm.
Logan is starting to get used to be around all of the family. Even though he saw them all at Christmas I'm sure it was hard to remember everyone. Tonight my Dad took him on a little walk and even gave him a bath. As long as he doesn't see me in the room he does great, but the moment he hears/sees me, he instantly wants me to hold him.
I hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully I'll update on Monday with some new pictures.


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