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Wednesday, May 24

Getting Ready for the Party

We've begun the party preparations here for Saturday. Taylor's open house is that day and then his graduation is Sunday evening. We will be going grocery shopping tomorrow and probably begin getting some of the food ready. I'm so glad I was able to come back early to help my Mom - hopefully her stress level doesn't get too high.
Tonight we ran over to the mall. Mom had to find something to wear for the graduation and I wanted to pick up some new pants and a shirt. I found my clothes in about 10 minutes, Mom on the other hand took about 30. She tried on quite a few outfits and then ended up going with one of her first choices. It looked really good on her though. She bought a pair of black cropped pants and a bright colored top. While we were there we ran into Kacey - they'll be coming over to the house on Saturday so it will be fun to have Erin & Logan meet. I hope they get along. I'll make sure to take tons of pictures!


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