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Thursday, February 28

Too Soon? (Part 2)

So I ended the last post saying that I basically threatened my child – sit on the potty or no new toys. But miraculously it worked after about 15-20 minutes of coaxing. He did finally sit on the potty and what did the little stinker do?? He peed a total of three times and even managed to poop a little. If you would have walked into our house around then you would have seen two very happy parents.

I thought that that would be the hardest part but now since then he refuses to sit on the potty. He's done it since about a handful of times but every.single.time has been a battle. And I do not want to have to battle with him every flippin' time I want him to sit on the toilet. So I am asking you – what should I do? Do I give up for awhile and try again in a couple of weeks or do I continue to threaten tell my child that his toys will continue to be taken away unless he does what I ask?

*Reminder – since this was written about 1 ½ months ago things have STILL not improved. Last night if you had walked by our home you would have thought WWIII was going on. There was so much yelling, screaming, crying and begging going on by everyone. (OK – I don't think Mike cried)

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Anonymous Dawn said...

I tried potty training about a month ago as well. All it resulted in was crying and screaming. I decided to STOP trying for a month or two and try again later. I personally do not feel that potty training should be a traumatic experience and I don't need the stress of it either. I plan on attempting again probably at the end of March... we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, we're just trying to make a point of making a big deal when we use the toilet with hopes he'll catch on and that it's NORMAL to use the potty.

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time, yet releived at the same time that what I am going through is normal. You guys are not alone in this battle.

Keep me updated with any tips that you can get to work... I can use all the help I can get. lol

2/29/2008 8:16 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Like Dawn said, we don't think it should be a traumatic experience or anything, however, we tried With Charis, then let it go for a while and tried to pick it up again...I think it's worse this time around. Charis seems to be rather goal-oriented, so we made her a little chart we put a sticker on each time she goes on the potty. When she fills up a row, we do something special with just her.

Now, it's still a struggle but it's getting to be less of a struggle as time goes on. She is learning to tell us when she needs to go and though she fights us getting to the potty sometimes...she still sits down and goes pretty quietly (for the most part). I think the biggest thing is just consistency and trying to stay on top of it. It's hard though-I feel like our whole life is about potty training right now.

Anyway, I hope that helps give you some ideas anyway. I know each kid is different so what works for one, may not work for another. Good luck!

2/29/2008 8:42 AM  
Anonymous ventl8r said...

What worked with Jenna (and I pray it will with Mallory when the day comes) was the incentive of Big Girl Underwear. She was 2.5 yo and pretty much knew when she had to go but didn't because the diaper was just better. I never did the pull-ups. I was thinking of trying it over the weekend but slipped at dinner time and she was all excited. Stickers did help but I think the transition to BGUs was the crowning moment. I let her pick out a couple of packages with her favorite chracters on them to give her as much as in the matter.

3/14/2008 12:34 PM  

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