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Thursday, February 28

Chocolate Overboard

The Death by Chocolate was so much fun! I was kind of worried that I would be sick of all that chocolate but because there were so many different flavors that did not happen :) It was all so good! Like I had said before there were 10 chefs/creators from the area competing. Here is what we got to sample:

-Espresso gelato inside a chocolate dipped cannoli topped with frozen raspberries (I really enjoyed the gelato. Didn't care too much for the cannoli and I'm not a fan of fruit and chocolate.)

-apples and pretzels dipped in caramel, then white chocolate, and then chocolate (this was awesome!! And it happened to win People's Choice.)

-chocolate bar type thing - this started out with a chocolate/nut combo. crust then that was topped with a chocolate mousse and finally topped with melted chocolate that had hardened (this one was fantastic!!)

-traditional type tiramisu (didn't care for this at all. The espresso was overpowering and the ladyfingers that had been soaked in it were falling apart because they were so saturated.)

-new twist on a s'more (another awesome dessert! this was made with a homemade chocolate graham cracker, filled with homemade marshmallow and then it was dipped in milk chocolate.)

-new twist on tiramisu (This one had a chocolate type chewy wafer and topped with a hazelnut mousse. I didn't care for this one.)

-chocolate mousse enhanced with vodka (This one was voted the winner by the 4 judges at the event. It had a chocolate mousse and then around the outside of the plate were 2 different types of flavor. One was a sauce made with raspberry vodka, the other was a white chocolate sauce made with traditional vodka. It was really good!!)

-cheesecake made to taste like the Samoas cookies (this one was my favorite!! It had all the flavors of the Samoas - coconut, caramel, and chocolate. It was also topped with crushed Samoas.)

-Buffalo chips (these are made at local dessert lunch spot in town and are shipped around the country. They are basically chips dipped in chocolate. They also have chips that they first dip in caramel and then in chocolate.)

-Cold Stone Creamery also competed. (They served triple chocolate romance and the midnight delight. I only tried the romance one. It was pretty good but I'm not a huge fan of ice cream with a cake.)

We had a great time at the event. I even hinted to Auntie that I wouldn't complain if I got the same gift for my birthday next year :) We didn't win any of the silent auctions but that OK. It was still a blast!!

*The first picture in the post is a picture of the sculpture that is made entirely out of chocolate. It was made by the celebrity judge attending the event, Susan Notter.

**I also did not get a picture of all the desserts. I had forgotten to snap pictures right away so after most of the tasting was done Mike went around and took pictures of the desserts that were left.


Blogger The Trier and Jen said...

how YUMMMY !!!!
pleased you enjoyed it

3/02/2008 5:50 PM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Oh my! All those look to die for! :) I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of your date. What a fun AND delicious time!!!

3/03/2008 12:26 PM  
Blogger The Beast Mom said...

Interesting. That sounds like fun. You can't go wrong w/ several hours of chocolate. :)


P.S. I agree w/ your Priceline opinion. We once got a 3 star hotel room for $40. I was pleased.

3/04/2008 1:06 PM  

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